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KCHE’s News Director, Greg Slotsky, reports the news on KCHE 92.1 FM and KCHE 1440 AM Monday through Friday at 7:06a,8:06a,9:06a,12:06p,4:06p and 5:06p. You’ll hear local news on Saturday and Sundays at 7:06a and 10:06a. Greg regularly talks with our United States Congressman, the Governer, presidential candidates, and local officials and newsmakers. If you have a news tip to share, email it to [email protected] or call 712-225-2511.
KCHE broadcasts Iowa State news each day with Radio Iowa News at 7:08a,8:08a, 9:08a, 12:08p,4:08p and 5:08p. On Saturday and Sundays at 7:08a and 10:08a.
KCHE broadcasts USA Radio news at the beginning of each hour.

February 12th